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Uracyst® helps reduce the bladder symptoms suffered by patients with IC/PBS.  These problems may be urgency, frequency or pain in the bladder on a constant or intermittent basis.


A sterile solution of 2% chondroitin sulfate available in a 20 mL vial containing 400 mg of ChS, Uracyst® is indicated for the replenishment of the GAG layer in the urinary bladder for patients with damaged or GAG deficient bladder epithelium.  Uracyst® is instilled directly into the bladder using a small diameter catheter (French 10 or pediatric size).  Patients are asked to retain the solution in the bladder for as long as possible before voiding.  Initially, patients are asked to try to retain the solution for at least 30 minutes.  For some patients this is a challenge, but it becomes easier for patients to hold Uracyst® in their bladder for longer periods of time when they continue to use Uracyst®.  Patients seem to notice improvement in the time that they are able to retain Uracyst® after the 3rd instillation.


Defects in the GAG layer are potentially present in IC, radiation induced cystitis, chronic / recurrent bacterial infections and  cases of OAB.


Treatment of IC/PBS requires a multi-modal approach using several types of medications; however, repair of the GAG layer in the urinary bladder will reduce the ongoing irritation of the underlying tissue in the bladder by the K+ ions and urinary proteases in the urine. Defects in the GAG layer are thought to be present in 50% - 70% of IC patients.  Uracyst®(2% chondroitin sulfate in a 20 mL vial) has been shown to re-establish the GAG layer (Hurst et al.) and reduce the symptomatology in the bladder when instilled in the bladder (Nickel et al.). 


Dosage schedule:  1 x per week for 6 weeks, followed by 1 x month until symptoms resolve.


Uracyst® is a proprietary product of Tribute Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc., manufactured by Tribute Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. in Canada and distributed in many parts of the world by a network of partner pharmaceutical companies. See Section # (TBD) to find a distributor in your area.