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Uracyst® helps reduce symptoms suffered by patients with lower urinary tract problems of the bladder.  These problems may be urgency (the immediate desire to use washroom/restroom facilities) or frequency (having to deal with going to the bathroom many times per day, possibly up to 60 times per) or, in some cases, suffering from pain in the bladder on a constant or intermittent basis.


A sterile solution of 2% chondroitin sulfate in a 20 mL vial, Uracyst® is an instilled product given by healthcare professionals to reduce the symptoms described above.  It is a simple procedure done in a clinic or hospital setting wherein a small diameter catheter is used to instill Uracyst® directly into the bladder.  Patients are asked to retain the solution in the bladder for as long as possible before voiding.  Initially, patients are asked to try to retain the solution for at least 30 minutes.  For some patients this is a challenge, but rest assured that it becomes easier to hold Uracyst® for longer periods of time when you continue to use Uracyst®.


Current clinical understanding is that in cases of interstitial cystitis there may be damage or a defect in the urinary GAG layer that allows these debilitating symptoms to occur.  Unfortunately, a defect in the GAG layer may be present in other conditions and cause cystitis like symptoms in patients with radiation induced cystitis or patients suffering from chronic / recurrent urinary bacterial cystitis. 


Uracyst® is a proprietary product of Aralez Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. and is manufactured by Aralez Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. in Canada and distributed in many parts of the world by a network of partner pharmaceutical companies.  See Section # (TBD) to find a distributor in your area.